Monday, October 27, 2014

My Test Was A Testimony

Today provided me with an opportunity to share my story of domestic violence with an 18 year old student. I was visiting an office to recommend another student for intervention services and was asked to provide a woman's touch to a counseling session that was taking place. Y'all it was too early for something so deep to be in the mind of a young lady who aspires to be a doctor! Yep!! Here's the short version.

The young lady is dating someone who is verbally abusive. Having grown up in a home with physical abuse and dating someone who had requirements I could never maintain daily, I knew this was a God moment. Before I continue with the story let me tell you why I believe my steps were orchestrated to visit the office at that moment.

Recently, I've felt pressed to pray for single women and moms. Many of us are juggling so much to the point of weekly exhaustion!  We'd love to have a helpmate.  Who am I kidding, I'd love to have someone run things for a week a month, a year so I can rest. But for me that wasn't a viable option until now. I couldn't see myself bringing someone into my son's life and things go gravely wrong so I kept my dating life separate.  Recently I've been hit over the head south the realization that in a few years (2.5) I'm going to be alone. Panic almost set in. #faithoverfear

I see others falling in love,  getting married,  blending families and still I felt like this wasn't something that would happen for me. I'd pray about being a Proverbs 31 and being swept of myget then I backtrack after hearing of a ANOTHER failed marriage or another church relationship scandal. Recently,  I've begun seeking God to teach me what it truly means to know Him as my everything. For my desire to be for Him not an earthly man who could disappoint. For me to grow in faith and truly know my value before venturing back onto the dating scene. #toomatureforplayplay

This in no way means I'm looking for him #menarehunters or that I'm ready for marriage. It means I've surrendering and have surrendered #workinprogress to God writing my fairytale love story. Taking all I've endured from my childhood,  not having quality examples of a Christ centered marriage and protecting my kid heavily influenced me to go ssssssllllloooowww! So I am.

So when I hear this young woman's story, I jump at the chance to tell her that she's  valuable to God. That He has a purpose for her life. That a man's validation isn't necessary.  It's nice but she's capable of soaring alone until her God mate is sent to her. He might be a high school sweetheart or she might meet him in college. Whenever their paths cross, he'll build her up and not tear down! She will beer more than his part time chick while he stills chill with the ex.

I reminded her that if he verbally attacks her and she accepts this behavior,  there will come a day when words aren't enough to give him that feeling of being powerful and controlling. I wanted to say run like hell but instead, I asked to pray with her. She sgreed. So I did. I asked God to guideher as she grew into loving herself so much that she'd be certain how someone should love her. That her dreams of becoming a doctor would take root and manifest. For her protection, daily provision, strength to walk away and to learn the heavenly Father's voicefor guidance to make wise choices. 

It was an unforgettable moment. If I do nothing else on my school campus,  I've intercepted the evil that could take this child down a road that could end in death so young. I'm humbled being able to use my own struggles as a single woman to empower a young lady who has a destiny of greatness inside yet to be unfolded.  Our daughters are younger and our sons involved in violence against each other. Be aware. Be alert.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My Job

Once upon last school year,  I hated teaching. Today. . .this school year, I can truly say that God has placed me in a place to serve.

I'm humbled!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fall Foliage

I'm enjoying the Fall fashion posts from my favorite bloggers.  My absolute favorite part of this season is the vampy and dark lipsticks. South Florida has been experiencing the perfect days. This weekend was beach weather but I ended up watching football, cooking and tidying my apartment.

I ordered this dress during the ASOS summer sale.  It can be perfect for any season. The orange red sandals from Just Fab put me as close to Fall as I'll probably get until the early months of next year.

You already know I love midi skirts and dresses.  I adore this printed number because of the low back. I pinned it for church and almost threw on a cardigan but decide against it. See the way my body set up, I stay hot.

I also got another haircut. Karrie grows so fast. I got a trim and was slightly tapered August 31st. I felt I had to much hair and wanted the sides shortened. So I took a trip to my barber. You can see up close pics on my Instagram. I love it. Quick to style. Edgy. Cute.

You like?

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


I don't know anyone who hasn't been affected in some way by breast cancer. My mom is a survivor and so many others (Hey Sorors Sara and Shanda, mi favorite Cubanita Abdi, Aunt Mary). There are also those who have lost the battle (Rest well: Mrs. G. Barnhart, Aunt Val, Aunt Ruth and Soror Asbury) to this dreadful disease. So today I dressed to proclaim that I will continue to fight for a cure. I participate and donate to Making Strides. My loved ones will always be remembered not for thr cancer but the vibrant life lived before it knocked on their door.

Remember to get your Mammograms and support finding a cure!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Still Going Strong

Happy Monday loves!

How was your weekend. I had lunch with my blogger buds Shea,  Ashley and a new pal Jeanne for brunch at Green Street Cafe. The food was yummy and fellowship was funny!

Today I plan to return to working out in the fitness center where I live. Wish me luck. My days have been long at my new job. High school is great but the amount of work and time needed to get our reading scores up is H U G E but I'm all for the challenge. Reading is an integral part of being successful.  I'm blessed to be able to help students in this area.

I know I should probably stop wearing this top but I love everything about it. The colors, print, fit and feel of the fabric. Inexpensive and well made. I knew the shades of blue weren't matchy match and that's what I loved about this look. I almost called this post Shades of Blue. #lameright Thoughts?

What's the piece in your closet that you can't get enough of?

Top// Target
Shoes// Jessica Simpson (Old)
Handbag// Forever 21

Thanks to my niece Kyla for the photos, XoXo. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My Day

I'm really excited to share with you a brief moment of my day. Actually I'm over the moon because the events were confirmation for tomorrow's Word for Wednesday post. Hope you return!

During class today I call on a new student who I knew from first impression was a good kid. He moved from Canada to play football here. I didn't notice at the time that he seemed distracted and distant. Most of the time when this occurs the student is simply off task. Boy was I WRONG.

I badgered him for a few minutes and find out that he'd recently received news that his best friend and a cousin died. I didn't inquire about how or ask for any other details. I simply wrote him a note to express my sympathy and moved on. I did watch him read it and place it in his backpack. ****Sidenote: he speaks french well, English slightly but can read cursive. American children take note!!! #shade****

As I'm preparing for the next phase of class he asks to speak to me outside. I get the rest of the students in their group and step outside to chat. Transcript:
Student: "Ms. I heard you were a Christian."
Me: "Yes."
Student: "I'm not a bad person. Two of my closest friends just died. I don't know why bad things are happening to me. I pray with the boys, listen to gospel music and  encourage others."
At this point tears are forming in his eyes and I'm getting mushy. I tell him to keep doing good because the Bible promises a reward. I tell him grief takes time but I don't know how long. I did promise him that he'd smile again and enjoy sunny days. I assured him he was on the right path and life was just fighting against the good purpose he's fulfilling. Gave him the church hug and told him we can pray after class if he elected to do so.

Lo and behold, he stays after class with the other student who a few weeks ago asked me to pray for him because his knee was injured, he wasn't playing football and he needed to pass at the school (his words not mine. He also speaks french fluently). As we circle up to pray, my son comes in. I ask him to join us. As I begin to pray one of the former football coaches who occasionally still helps out comes into my room. At this point I'm praying so he just joins us and places his hand on the student's back who asked for prayer. #nothinglikeaprayingman

Y'all I can't remember any of what I said except for me asking God to let every student on campus know they have a purpose and can be successful and then I choked up and kinda cried. Not really though,  lolol. #divamomtough #chileboo #prettycried

You might roll your eyes about me praying in school but I believe in my God given mission. He's covering me!! #Psalm91 I didn't force them and I knew that student needed to be uplifted. What a gift I was able to give today and I do it several hundred more times.

Best part of my day beside my outfit. And that my dear readers is the highlight of a day in my classroom.

In His love,

The Word for Wednesday: A Job With Purpose

Monday night I was reading my daily devotional The Word For You. I accidently  read ahead for this week. Tuesday through Wednesday discussed being a "priest" at work. Before you sideeye me read on. Ya thought I was accepting the call to preach eh? #yougetaNeNesideye In the devotion a priest was described as one who represents God on behalf of others, and others on behalf of God. The scripture was referenced from Genesis 1:28 "Be fruitful... multiply...and govern." This scripture reminds us that we are all called by God to serve not just professional clergy or missionaries.

The devotional went on to state that our job is the primary place where our calling  gets lived out. Think about it. We spend 5 out of 7 days working (some are there everyday), surrounded by others, who are watching; oftentimes, our every move. When we claim to be a representative of Christ,  we must see His purpose and plan in placing us in our respective careers. #witnessanyone?

This is where I confront my previous negative attitude about teaching and recognize that I am doing work that has meaning. I can place myself in 1 of 3 categories.  The first is those who treat their job as such, a job that pays the bills and as a way to make money. Or as a career which can determine my self worth and finally as my calling, the place where I can be a blessing to my students and fulfill God's purpose for my life. I prefer category 3.

Last Wednesday after church my Big sister said to me that what I do for my students is honorable in the sight of God. My giving and pouring into them beyond academics is the work I do. . .with all my heart. . .as unto Him (Col 3:23 NIV). Despite the negatives of being an educator, I'm grateful for the gift of teaching and humbled to have the stage to impact lives. Even more so I know that I'm blessed that others recognize my classroom is my place/stage to be a reflection of God's love for our youth!!

Today upgrade the work that you do. Ensure that it is well done (Mt. 25:23). God gave you the job to fulfill your purpose in the earth! You're a "priest" at work.

In His Love,