Sunday, December 21, 2014

Holiday Look 3: Christmas in the Park

My final Sunday holiday look for this series. I was able to get the kid to participate resulting in a staged holiday card.  We wish you all the merriest Christmas. May your faith in a loving God increase making your heart lighter.  Enjoy your family. If there aren't any gifts cool because it's Jesus birthday and the only gift he wants your life! #GettoknowHim

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Matters of the Heart

Good morning,

Hope all is well with each of you who take the time to stop by my blog. If I had to set a goal for 2015 it would be that I'm granted more opportunities to write about my faith walk and someone is uplifted,  encouraged and blessed. No matter what is going on around you keep going.

Remember faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. I haven't seen some things yet. Other things I wish I hadn't  seen or experienced. On the other hand,  I've grown and matured so much. So I recognize the importance of my struggles. They've pushed me closer to God and further away from depending on humans. Not that I don't have a good support system but  I NEEDED to learn total dependence.

I've learned to keep dreaming for myself and my students. I'm more sensitive to the roadblocks they face. My gifts are being utilized to the max! I'm Ram tough. #PBLCHS

I've learned how blessed I am to have KT for a son. I spent the first few years of his life worrying that I wouldn't do a good job caring for him. To see the humble,  smart,  handsome, talented young man he's grown into speaks volumes that I did /am doing something right. Note to parents: I didn't give him a lot of materialistic things but all his needs were always met. The memories we've made as a family are more valuable than anything money can buy.

Today take time out to reflect on the good. There are so many others who would gladly trade journeys. Don't judge an individual by their social media life. Reach out to an old friend or family member. Don't text call. Show them you care. if you are reading this,  you've been given another day to life. Grab life forcefully and live.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Holiday 2: A lesson from Mary and Elizabeth

This is my second time typing this post so I know that someone is going to be encouraged. I wanted to share a little bit of today's sermon taken from the first chapter of Luke. Pastor Whitney shared with us today how easy it is for us to be competitive, it's our human nature.

If we look at the story of two cousins Mary and Elizabeth, we will see both of them receiving the same promise and were expecting the same blessing. How often has this happened tobus as we look around and see others moving ahead and we are still waiting for our window of opportunity? We've been putting in the work and still no BIG break!

The lesson to be learned from this Bible story is that we must be patient. An even greater lesson is that we must learn to celebrate when others receive greater. Learning to be happy when someone receives what appears to be the blessing we have waited so long for is a sign of maturity in our faith.

Think about it. Your blessing may be tied to your neighbor. Don't doom your future with a jealous spirit. Put life in your mouth! Continue to speak those dreams into existence. Hold fast to your confessions of faith. Instead of speaking I'll of someone's promotion in any area applauds them. You'll look up and see your awaited promise gas been birthed.

Cardigan & purse//Forever 21 
Shoes//Just Fab 

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Holiday: Peppermint

It's truly the most wonderful time of the year and I'm excited to be doing a holiday look every Sunday until after the New Year. 

The twist for me is to repeat these shoes except for my New Year's Eve look. If you're wondering they are comfortable and absolutely fantabulous. 

I'm already planning a few looks with them in January when my sorority  (Delta Sigma Theta) celebrates its founding. So be sure to come back weekly to see what I've come up with. 

Tee//Old Navy
Shoes//Hadley -Just Fab

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

His Hand At Work

It is 5 o' clock in the morning as I type this. I felt impressed to encourage someone who may feel like they aren't making progress on this journey called life.
I'm lying in bed this morning praying and I started to smile. Immediately I thought to myself, "Kerissa pull back. Prayer is a serious matter!"  That was religion trying to interrupt my moment. Faith reminded me that I can wake up each morning with a smile on my face even though:
1.   My family is experiencing one of the most difficult health challenges we've had since the death of my Granny. Our resolve is being tested.
2. I haven't seen my mom in a year.
3. My truck needs some expensive and extensive work .
4. I'm a single mom playing the role of Superwoman! (See this post here).
There's a host of other things I could write about and turn this post into a complaint but l REFUSE!!! I refuse to give negativity top priority in my daily living or so much control over how I view each day I'm given.
This scripture reminds me that God is at work daily to bring to fruition the plans He has for me. Several months ago I was battling severe depression. My therapist told me if I couldn't dig myself out of the rut utilizing the exercises, suggestions and prayer I would need to be medicated.
Praise be unto God, I fought back! I fought back to a place of peace,  safety,  assurance and joy. So when I awake with a smile it is because I've consciously decided to not be moved into a place of despair by the student loans, frustrations  to reach and teach my students  (they really are listening, learning and growing), the turn up on racism & hated in the world, cost of truck repairs, missing my mom, family illness and whatever else that may occur.
I can smile when I'm praying because I am confident that my Heavenly Father is working on my behalf. The plans He has for me according to Jeremiah 29:11 are going to blow my mind and supercede what I've dreamed up for myself. 
As we continue into the holiday season, I challenge you to daily remind yourself to give thanks in ALL things because Jesus is the reason for every season of our lives not just Christmas.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving Through My Eyes

How was your Thanksgiving holiday? I spent the day quietly in my apartment and then ventured out to Cracker Barrel for dinner. I even went to Target in hopes that I could pick up 2 more of those wonderful tees in red and white that I wore in my last post here on the blog. Can someone tell me why folks buy more than one 72” screen tele? I mean how much tv does one really watch?! And how HUGE does the screen need to be?!?! Does that mean you stop going to the movie if your tv is supersized, lolol?! But I digress. Needless to say that didn’t go as planned so I came home and crawled into bed with a magazine.

Best part of my Turkey day was getting up at 7 and meeting my sorority sisters to volunteer at the Keith Straghn Foundation Feed the Needy Thanksgiving Day dinner. There’s no better cure for the negative that ails me than serving others and being reminded of how much my son and I have to be grateful for. Another positive is I added 2 miles to my walking game. I’ve been doing 4 miles for quite some time. It was time to challenge myself to more and I really needed to fight the lonely demon that was chasing me! Y’all do know I’m neither alone or lonely right? LIES, I tell ya, LIES!  So I put on my sneakers, workout clothes and hit the park. Pandora gave me a fairly decent Boys II Menz Christmas playlist and made some strides for about 2 hours. I left the park feeling better physically and emotionally.

If you are thinking why I was alone, well…the kid flew to be with his father on Wednesday. Due to some transportation issues I’m unable to travel in my car. I could have rented a vehicle but I figured it would set me back financially form getting the EXPENSIVE repairs I need. Your probably also thinking that I appear to have a large circle of friends and networks so why didn’t I just spend the day with someone else’s family. I did have multiple invites to share a meal with others. It’s really weird but the only thing I can tell you is I didn’t feel like it. I wanted my family. My mom. Siblings. Extended family. I haven’t seen them in a year. So the plan is to get my car repaired and get back to my road trips home. Nothing like a country life to refresh me. Birds chirping. Pecan trees, not palm. No planes. Zero traffic. Can you tell I’m homesick?

Yeah after I paid the last car note installment, the Incredible Hulk (I drive a green SUV) decided it needed major work. Until educators get paid like the ballers we are, I won’t be purchasing anything new for a minute. Gotta give back to the government and make sure FedLoan gets that lump sum out my check. #FixItJesus So I survived Thanksgiving Day. I did battle a few moments of feeling low and sad. My mom called twice and I just didn’t want to ruin her day so I acted all perky and fine on the phone. When I was leaving dinner, an older lady told me I needed something to cover my arms from the chill in the air. It was something my Granny would say so when I got to my truck I had to talk myself back from a teary breakdown.

I shared all that to say reach out to single parents and people during the holidays. Y’all know the suicide rate goes up. It’s a time when the enemy of our joy will try and bring us so low that we feel unloved and uncared for. Some of us will isolate ourselves from the very people who are concerned about our well-being. I’m so grateful that I know the truth about myself and journey. It ain’t always easy but if the lessons I’ve learned can help someone else keep the faith and keep pushing forward then I am living my life with purpose. 

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